Free 72-hour access to top design tutorials

If you fancy teaching yourself some new creative skills for free, act quickly. Pluralsight has thrown opened its entire online library of lessons and made them free to access for 72 hours.

In all, there are 4,000 course to enroll on. The huge menu of topics includes VFX, CAD, HTML, Photoshop, Maya, Nuke and V-Ray. There's also a huge selection of interactive sessions exploring programming languages.

The offer has been launched to celebrate Pluralsight's purchase of Code School the highly rated online coding academy.

Mergers and acquisitions

Through acquisition, the deal brings together several libraries of digital lessons. These include buyouts of Smartere, Digital-Tutors, and, most recently, Code School.

Code School's service won't change following its acquisition by Pluralsight

The deal valued Code School at $36 million. If you're a member of Code School, and worried the move might mean changes to the site's service, don't worry. In a blog, the Code School team explained that's business as usual.

Words: Martin Cooper

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