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Free ebook on web style guides

You can download this ebook today for free

You can download this ebook today for free

The team at UXPin presents another addition to their free downloadable library – Style Guides for Web UI Design: an Overview for Modern Designers. This pocket guide gives a succinct and informative outline of why style guides are essential, and which types can help you.

As a standardized resource with all the easy-to-forget minutiae surrounding a project, style guides ensure product consistency and act as a quick reference tool during the design process.

But no one style guide works for every project, and several different types and variations exist to play different roles. Mood boards, style tiles, brand guides, and front-end guides all contain different content for different purposes.

This 'pocket guide' on style guides explains the basics so you can take that all-important first step in the right direction. Citing examples and screenshots from such popular companies as Adobe, Facebook, Atlassian, BBC, Ubuntu, Lonely Planet, and Yelp, this book explains:

  • the specific reasons style guides are crucial
  • how to make mood boards useful as well as inspirational
  • how style tiles blur the line between atmospheric collages and useful reference guides
  • suggestions on what to include in your brand style guide
  • what makes a front-end style guide and why it’s the most popular kind

Download this free Style Guide for Web UI Design ebook here. If you find this book helpful, the Design Library features dozens of other free ebooks.

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