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Free ebook on design collaboration

Download your free ebook today

Download your free ebook today

There’s a fine line that separates design collaboration from design by committee. Too often, design collaboration is misinterpreted as compromising on vision to satisfy everyone’s egos.

Named a top 10 design tool by .net magazine, UXPin instead explains design collaboration as including everyone’s opinions but not bending to everyone’s will. As stated in their new free e-book, true design collaboration requires an open culture of ideas – but the design team must have the final say.

Design Collaboration in the Enterprise: Building the Foundation of Brilliance focuses on exercises and philosophies for teams to plan product design together to prevent nasty last-minute surprises. Given the reality of bureaucracy in large companies, the book tries to remain as practical (instead of idealistic) as possible.

The free ebook includes:

  • Tips on working with data for better design, taming the designer ego, interviewing stakeholders, prioritizing features as a team, fun kickoff exercises, and more.
  • Examples of design collaboration from companies like Vice, Hubspot, and Amazon.
  • A complete look at the collaborative design process from idea to kickoff

If you find the ebook helpful, feel free to share with anyone who might enjoy it. Download the free ebook here