29 Chrome extensions for web designers and devs

21. PerfectPixel

Google Chrome extensions - Perfect Pixel

This extension helps you ensure your site matches the design pixel for pixel

Designers hate it when their stunning design doesn't match up perfectly when it's coded. Perfect Pixel really is the perfect extension for web developers who are striving to develop sites that are accurate representations of designs. This easy-to-use extension enables you to put a semi-transparent image overlay over the top of your webpage and perform a per pixel comparison between them to ensure it is 100% accurate.

22. Code Cola

Google Chrome extensions - Code Cola

Edit your webpages' CSS on the spot

Not only does this tool allow you to view the source code of what you've been working on, but it also functions as a CSS editor. This means you can edit your webpages' CSS style on the spot and see the changes instantly.

23. IE tab

Google Chrome extensions - IE Tab

Test webpages with different versions of IE

One of the most popular and useful IE emulators available on the web, IE tab enables web developers to test webpages with different versions of IE directly in their Chrome browser.

24. PicMonkey

Google Chrome extensions - PicMonkey

Grab every image from a webpage with a click of a button

This is an easy-to-use free online photo editor that allows you to edit webpage images and screenshots. But that's not what makes it so good. PicMonkey also lets you grab every image and a screenshot of the entire page with a click of a button. Once you select an image you can edit it in any way you wish, from applying effects to changing exposure.

25. Chrome Daltonize

Google Chrome extensions - Chrome Daltonize

Create images more suitable for viewing by those with Colour Vision Deficiency

Colour Vision Deficiency (CVD) or colour blindness affects millions of people across the globe. This ingenious extension uses Daltonization, a technique that allows the creation of images more suitable for viewing by those with CVD. This fantastic extension can be used to simulate how images appear to people with CVD and to help you design a more accessible web app.

Google Chrome extensions - Check My Links

Check My Links crawls through your webpage and looks for broken links

Finished building a site? Ah, but have you been through and checked all the links? No matter how careful you are, it's inevitable that you'll have overlooked one or two, and checking them all is a tedious chore. Unless.... With the Check My Links extension you can simply put it to work and it'll comb through all the links on any page, highlighting valid ones in green and broken ones in red.

27. Flickr Tab

Google Chrome extensions - Flickr Tab

Smarten up your Chome tabs with beautiful Flickr images

Are you tired of your Chrome tabs looking dull when you open a new one? The answer to your prayers has arrived in the form of Flickr Tab. It's a simple little Extension that displays a popular Fickr photograph each time you open up a window. Click the photo to view it in Flickr, or click the username to see more photos from the photographer.

28. Google Art Project

Google Chrome extensions - Google Art Project

Make each new Chrome tab an adventure in art and discovery with the Google Art Project

Similar to Flickr Tab's glossy photos, Google's Art Project extension treats you to a high-res masterpiece from the likes of van Gogh and Monet in each new tab you open. If an image sparks your interest, click on it to go to the Google Cultural Institute website, which is full of information about the work and its creator.

29. Data Saver

Google Chrome extensions - Data Saver

Save cash when viewing designs on your mobile with Google's compression based Data Saver

So, your latest bill from your mobile provider was rather toe curling? Don't panic. You need Data Saver, from Google. The extension does what it says on the tin: it reduces the amount of data used when browsing the web. When enabled, Chrome will use Google servers to compress pages before you download them. There's only one caveat: SSL and incognito pages won't be included.

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