16 top online coding courses

08. Treehouse 

  • $25/mo
  • Free 7-day trial

Online coding course: Treehouse

Treehouse is, hands down, one of the best learning tools around

Treehouse has one of the most comprehensive libraries of educational materials on this list, while also being one of the most relevant. Not only does it offer a large variety of coding courses, but it also includes 'workspaces' you can use to try out new projects in your own time, as well as a library with videos of talks from industry professionals. It offers an iPad app to continue your learning, too.

The structure is simple: learn from the video courses (which are regularly refreshed to reflect industry changes), practice your new skills though quizzes and challenges, and earn badges to reflect the skills you've already mastered.

You can try a free seven-day trial on Treehouse, from then on it's $25 (£20) per month for access to all of the site's content.

09. Codeacademy 

  • Free

Online coding course: Codeacademy

Codeacademy is easy to use and it's free

Codecademy is free and easy to set up. Straight away you can create 'goals' for yourself and find the skills you want to learn. These could range from applicable things like creating a portfolio site to silly, fun things like animating your name or building a CSS galaxy.

10. Lynda.com

  • From $19.99/mo
  • Free 30-day trial

Lynda offers solutions for businesses, higher education and government

Lynda offers solutions for businesses, higher education and government

Lynda.com is one of the more popular video tutorial sites. It offers an abundance of content that's constantly added to with new and up-to-date technologies and software. Lynda.com is a trusted resource that many turn to when they're after a tutorial to pick up a new skill.

11. Skillshare

  • Plenty of free classes
  • Premium access from $15/mo

Skillshare offers over 18,000 classes

Skillshare offers over 18,000 classes

Skillshare is a subscription-based service that offers thousands of classes taught by industry professionals. Courses come complete with material that's been created by the instructors, and there are projects for you to apply your skills. There's also an iOS or Android app that enables you to steam courses on the go, for more flexible learning.

12. Mijingo

  • Free

Mijingo is aimed at web professionals

Mijingo is aimed at web professionals

Mijingo is an online learning resource that features step-by-step video tutorials for both web design and development. These online coding courses aren't for beginners: they're aimed at helping web professionals get up to date with the latest developments. 

Current courses focus on things like ExpressionEngine and Twig. Alternatively you can pick a 'lesson' – these cover small, specific elements of broader topics. 

Stream the videos or download them to any device to watch at your leisure. The courses are cohesive and thorough, and some offer transcripts, starter files and additional resources.

13. Pluralsight 

  • From $29/mo
  • Free 10-day trial

Pluralsight offers a 10-day free trial

Pluralsight offers a 10-day free trial

No discussion of online training would be complete without a mention of Pluralsight. Following an acquisition spree, it now offers the world's biggest online training library.

The company owns Code School, Smarterer and Digital-Tutors. Such is the size of the Pluralsight stable, if it doesn't offer a certain course then it's unlikely anybody does. A nice feature is Pluralsight's  'IQ tests', which help you determine which course is the right level for you.

14. Sitepoint

  • $99/year

Sitepoint offers a range of 'paths' to teach you particular coding skills. These lay out a clear journey through a specific subject, such as HTML and CSS, Angular 2, or full-stack JavaScript. You follow them at your own pace to complete your goals. It also offers a range of books, courses and screencasts to supplement your learning.

15. StackSkills

  • Courses from free

StackCommerce was founded in 2011

StackCommerce was founded in 2011

StackSkills is an online learning centre built to serve the StackCommerce community. It offers courses in a huge variety of subjects, including advanced JavaScript, Python, digital marketing and web development, all with the aim of developing a publisher's ecommerce potential. 

Courses range from free to $300, so no matter what your experience level or budget, it's certainly worth having a look.

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