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Penguin's charming job advert

When Penguin started its search for a community manager, traditional channels weren’t cutting it. Instead the publisher created to attract interested parties and inspire them to send in creative work samples beyond a CV.

"We want to attract the very best people, so we had to create the very best job advert we possibly could," explains book cover designer Matt Young, who created the site.

The charming penguin illustrations by Isobel Knowles were turned into animated GIFs, and the design of the site is focused around them. On click, users can access the next slide, which resembles the action of reading a page in a book.

The slides use thick borders and drop shadows giving it the aesthetic of a book page. "I really wanted the illustrations to take centre stage," asserts Young. "So I designed it as if each one were on a separate sheet of paper, like individual pages in a story."

Words: Jenn Lukas

This showcase was originally featured in .net magazine issue 235.

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