Profilography: a magical 3D printed spectacle

Watch with awe as this 3D printed experiment by Pablo Garcia showcases the strange beauty of the face's anatomy.

Studies in male profiles, from Albrecht Dürer’s Vier Bücher von Menschlicher Proportion (Four Books on Human Proportion) (1528) has been transformed by Pablo Garcia into a practise he likes to call Profilography. This is a method that traces an extraction through sequential profiles.

The video takes a little while to get going but once it does, you'll be stunned by what emerges! The simple method Garcia has devised produces a series of incredible side profile shadows that are a work of art in themselves.

His machine is made from 3D printed shells, mounted to laser-cut aluminum structure, rotating on a motorized spindle. The creation was first made in 2008 for exhibition at the University of Michigan.

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