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How to print yourself in 3D

Over the past few years, print in 3D has gradually moved from the world of geeky experimentalism to the mainstream. As more creatives continue to purchase their own personal 3D printers, and with Disney offering a 3D printing service that transfers young girls' images into their own Disney princess dolls, it was only a matter of time before someone came up with the idea of a 3D printing photo booth.

From 24th November until 14th January, OMOTE 3D SHASHIN KAN have set up their very own pop-up store where you can order yourself in 3D! You can choose from three sizes ranging from 10cm to 20cm with prices starting at ¥21,000 - about $265 or £167.

These would make great wedding cake toppers, eh?

These would make great wedding cake toppers, eh?

Printing process

The 3D printing process works in these three simple steps:

  • They'll start off by shooting you with a 3D scanner. During the shoot, they'll ask you to stay still for about 15 minutes at a specific pose to allow the to scan your entire body.
  • From that scan, they will then play around with specifics ranging from hair colour, texture of clothes, to the specific details of the body.
  • Once the data has been finalisd, the 3D color printer will create the original figurine of you!

Due to its incredible demand, the shooting has become a reservation-only process. If we were you, we'd book today to avoid any disappointment!

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