Designer's guide to Adobe Creative Cloud

Thinking about switching to Creative Cloud? We give you the facts to help you decide.

In 2013, Adobe changed the way it delivers its software forever. Rather than jumping from CS6 to CS7, the company announced it would henceforth release new versions of Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, After Effects, InDesign and more, exclusively through its Creative Cloud subscription service.

We're now well into the CC era and despite setbacks like an outage, it's clear there's no going back for the company. So will this be the year that you make the move to the Cloud?

There's a lot to take in before you make the decision, so we've collected our articles about the Creative Cloud together in one handy post to help you out. See below to discover where you can find the exact details you're looking for...

Creative Cloud-only features

Find out what Adobe's added to Photoshop and more via the Creative Cloud

New features in Photoshop CC

Find out all Photoshop's new features and how they work within Creative Cloud to speed up your workflow and collaborative projects.

New features in Illustrator CC

With Creative Cloud, Illustrator is better than ever before - share your work directly from the application; sync colours from Adobe Kuler and fonts from Typekit; and use the new Touch Type tool to bring a new fluidity to your graphics work.

New features in Dreamweaver

Discover the new features in Dreamweaver CC and how you can use it within your Creative Cloud workflow to create websites with ease.

New features in After Effects CC

The latest version of After Effects has plenty of new features to help you create stunning motion graphics and visual effects, faster and more easily. Here are some of the best.

New features in Muse CC

We show you the new features in Muse, including Typekit integration, and explain how you can use it within your Creative Cloud workflow to create fantastic websites without touching a line of code.

New features in Photoshop Lightroom 5

Part of the Creative Cloud suite, Photoshop Lightroom 5 brings you professional, non-destructive, colour correction tools and slick photo management all in one place - here are 10 things it can now do.

Adobe Creative Cloud: 12 revealing videos

These walkthrough videos show the new features of the Creative Cloud in action.

Big updates to Adobe's video tools

After Effects CC, Premiere Pro CC and other tools in the Creative Cloud get major updates. Read on to find out what they are, and how they can help your design process.

Adobe updates its web tools for iOS 7

CSS Regions makes it easier to create responsive websites - and now Adobe's Edge tools support it.

New services and packages

 design office
It's not just about the new features in each 'CC' tool but how they work together

Anywhere for Video

A new Creative Cloud-based service aims to end "biggest headaches" in video production. Could it help your studio save time and money?

Adobe DPS for digital publishing

If you've ever dreamed of creating your own iPad app as a portfolio, or want to generate a look-book app for a client but haven't known where to start, Adobe's Digital Publishing Suite is for you.

Photoshop for teams

Your team can now subscribe to Photoshop CC or other single apps in the Creative Cloud - here's how.

Hands-on reviews

 Illustrator logo
We get hands on with all the major Creative Cloud releases, including Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop CC

We take the CC-only release of Photoshop for a test-drive to see what's new, and whether it's worth taking the plunge.

Adobe Illustrator CC

We've got the low-down on the latest version of Illustrator - what new features you'll find, and whether it's worth upgrading to Creative Cloud membership.

Adobe After Effects CC

Adobe has released a new version of After Effects for the subscription-based Creative Cloud. We've had a look at it - what's been updated, what's new and whether it makes it worth stepping up from After Effects CS6.

Should 3D artists get After Effects CC?

The update to Adobe's leading compositing tool is more than a motion graphics package - there's a lot to offer pro 3D artists too. Christopher Kenworthy gets stuck in.

Adobe InDesign CC

If you use InDesign regularly, it may be worth upgrading to the Creative Cloud to take advantage of the new 'CC' features. We take it for a spin to find out what's new.

Adobe Dreamweaver CC

Adobe has released the latest version of its web design tool, Dreamweaver CC. We've taken it for a test-drive to see what's new, and whether it makes it worth the upgrade.

Designer views

 Jon Burgermann
Jon Burgermann is among those expressing their views on Adobe's move to the Cloud

Designers speak out about Creative Cloud

What impact has the launch of Adobe's Creative Cloud had on the design industry? Leading designers tell us their thoughts...

Behind the scenes at design studio Cake

Co-founder and co-owner of Cake, Thiago Maia, explains how Adobe's Creative Cloud has helped the studio grow by providing a cost effective and efficient workflow.

Andy Cooke on using Creative Cloud

British designer Andy Cooke embraced Creative Cloud as soon as it was released. We find out how he uses it in his daily design work…

Adobe makes its case

We give Adobe a chance to respond to critcism and explain why they think the Creative Cloud is the right choice for designers

Creative Cloud myths debunked

Adobe evangelist Terry White discusses popular misconceptions about the company's cloud-based service.

Interview: Rufus Deuchler

Adobe's senior worldwide design evangelist Rufus Deuchler on what the Creative Cloud has to offer designers.

Interview: Mala Sharma

Adobe's vice president of product marketing for Creative Cloud, explains why the company is moving to the Cloud and why you should get on board.

How to get more from the Creative Cloud

Free training resources for Creative Cloud

 Adobe TV
Adobe TV is one of many great training resources for using the Creative Cloud

Want to take your Creative Cloud skills further? Then check out this comprehensive list of training resources - whatever your specialism, you'll find something here to help you improve.

How to work faster in the Creative Cloud

Creative Cloud is packed with fantastic new functionality that will save you time whether you're working across print or digital. Here's how to make best use of it.

Keep your eyes on Creative Bloq, as we'll continue bring you news of new Creative Cloud features as soon as they're released!

Words: Tom May

Tom May is associate editor at Creative Bloq.

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