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Adobe updates its web design tools for iOS 7

Adobe today released updates to its web design tools, Edge Reflow CC and Edge Code CC, to support the new web platform functionality of CSS Regions, a new feature in iOS 7 Safari.

CSS Regions essentially enables designers and developers to decouple the presentation of content from the content itself. This should make it easier for web designers to create more complex responsively designed websites.

Within Edge Reflow you can now right-click to convert any box into a region. All of the content in this box will then become "flowable" in a similar way to the way magazine layouts are created in InDesign.

Because CSS Regions is not supported in all browsers yet, you’ll need to enable it within Edge Reflow. To do so, click View > Shiny Web Features and choose to turn on CSS Regions.

Adobe's Edge tools are available as part of the Creative Cloud. Learn more about how they can help you take advantage of CSS Regions in this post on the Edge team blog.

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