6 terrifying job interview questions tamed

There's nothing worse than being derailed by a curveball interview question. Here we reveal how to tame the nastiest.

You've prepped for the big interview for days. You've researched the company, its competitors, and sorted your answers to the toughest questions...

Tell me about yourself? Check

What's your biggest weakness? Check.

What's your greatest accomplishment? Check.

Then, BAM! A simple, yet creative question hits, derailing your thought process.

With many companies transitioning their interview process to a more modern and creative process, it’s important to be prepared for the six questions below.

01. How many cheeseburgers were consumed in the US last year?

What's behind the question? They're looking to test your thought process.

This question shows your reasoning skills and gives insight to employers on how you think and walk through complex requests. Many employers are focusing on creative minded individuals' ability to problem solve and rationalise.

There's no right answer, but be ready to think on your feet and provide an educated and well thought out guess.

02. Who was your favourite childhood superhero?

What's behind the question? They're looking to tests your personality and values.

As a creative spirit, it's important to know who you are and where you came from. Questions like these allow potential employers to see a glimpse of your personality and what's important to you.

Confidence in who you are and the values you have make you an invaluable asset to any organization.

03. If I called your past boss, what good and bad things would they say about you?

What's behing the question? They're looking to explore your self awareness and humility.

Employers want to know the good and the bad. Your ability to admit fault, work well in a team environment, and take feedback is the ideal mix for a good hire.

Being open and honest about your strengths as well as your weaknesses is an indication that you can grow and learn from others in a team environment.

04. How did you spend money as a teenager?

What's behind the question? They're looking to tests your level of responsibility.

Initiative and responsibility are highly important hiring factors, especially amongst young professionals.

Employers want to get a grasp on how you spent your money as a teenager, not because they care about your purchasing habits, but because they are interested in what level or responsibility and accountability you had as a young adult.

It’s important to know as an employer that you're hiring someone who can handle the pressures and responsibility of a career.

05. What was your last spirited debate? What was the outcome?

What's behing the question? It tests your ability to take and process feedback.

Most, if not all, jobs require you to efficiently work in a team setting. Gaining perspective into how you deal with minor disputes and disagreements will allow potential employers to understand your ability to work well with other personality types.

If they see you get overly defensive and worked up over discussing a past debate, you will likely show the potential employer that you cannot work peacefully and professionally with someone who does not necessarily agree with your way of doing things.

06. What salary are you looking for?

What's behind the question? A desire to secure your brilliance on the cheap.

This is, of course, the nastiest question of all. Should you go high and risk pricing yourself out of the market? Should you go low and risk eternal regret? Check out our designers' guide to negotiating and winning!

Words: Pierre Drescher

Pierre Drescher is The Creative Loft's Co-Founder. He's a native French and English speaker, and fluent in Spanish. He's experienced in web development, SEO, product design, and project management. Follow him on Twitter at: @thecreativeloft.

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