Upgrade your design skills in 2017

When it comes to upskilling, you're spoilt for choice in terms of what to learn and how to do so. It's almost impossible to learn every aspect of modern design to a high level – let alone the related business skills that could also help your career – and that can be frustrating.

But it's also a positive. If nobody knows everything, whatever you learn should lead to opportunities somewhere.

Illustration: Flavio Montiel

We'd recommend you start by weighing up the pros and cons of the different study areas that appeal to you. Ask yourself: "Do I already have some experience or knowledge in this area? How much will training cost? Can I get the boss to pay, and let me train in work time?" And – perhaps most importantly – "How much does it excite me?" Once you've answered all these questions, your choice of what to study should be crystal clear.

Finally, remember that upskilling shouldn't seem arduous, but fun. As Kevin Lan, design director at The Partners, says: "To me, learning doesn't feel like an obligation. It's what keeps things fresh and exciting and keeps me interested in the work that we do."

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