Personalise a vintage insignia

It's easy to create your own logo or insignia using old pieces of clip art, Illustrator and a photocopier, says Ryan Clark. But giving it an authentic vintage feel using type, colour and shading takes time and patience.

By personalising and manipulating old images and making them appear bold and authentic, it's possible to update old-fashioned design and make it all your own. This tutorial will run through the steps that we at Asterik Studio take to personalise images for use in a range of client illustration work.

Here we've taken an old piece of clip art, given it an overhaul and created an Asterik Studio insignia. This is a pretty simple procedure, but it's important to concentrate on colour and shade if you want authentic looking results.

Getting your image to appear suitably worn and inconsistent - a useful technique that you can apply to a range of projects - is also important, as is adding your own personal touch. We altered the existing type and replaced some of the imagery to better suit the "feel" we were looking for. Remember: it's important to keep your work fresh and unique.

These methods reflect those used by Asterik Studio daily on projects ranging from CD packages to silk-screened posters and T-shirt designs. This particular look has helped us tackle projects in new and more effective ways. We've mastered these techniques through a process of trial and error, finding out which work effectively and which don't. So play around with these methods, and you'll create eye-catching designs that really work.

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