The 100 best infographics

Every picture tells a story, as they say, but sometimes it takes a clever combination of words and pictures to tell a story quickly, concisely and in an entertaining fashion.

The best infographics may look like they were simple to create in Photoshop, but designing an effective piece of data visualization is usually anything but. There are several great tools to create infographics, but to these examples of infographics from around the web will show you how you can take it a step further and add a bit of style and personality to your data.

A few of these are now several years out of date but they can still provide some inspiration for those of you looking to create an infographic from scratch. Some are funny, some more serious, and all are inspiring examples of the art.



If Rogue One has put you in the mood to immediately watch the original Star Wars, hold your horses just one second. Rather than sit through Episode IV again, why not enjoy it in infographic form? SWANH.NET is a project buy Swiss illustrator Martin Panchaud, in which he's adapted the first Star Wars movie into a 123m infographic. Created in Illustrator CC, using 157 pictures across 22 separate files, it took him over a year to produce.

02. An analysis of The Beatles

It was all about the love for John, Paul and George. Ringo was more interested in the Octopus's Garden

Music-loving data nerds will get a kick from this ace interactive infographic analysing the career of the Fab Four, breaking down their career by year and by album and providing plenty of insight into who wrote what, which Beatle had the biggest vocabulary (hint: it wasn't Ringo), what most of their songs were about and much more.

03. Desk exercises for designers

Keep in trim without even getting up, with this handy set of exercises

Are you reading this slumped at your desk? You're probably not doing yourself any favours, posture-wise, so sort yourself out and keep yourself in shape with this top visual guide to 10 exercises you can do right at your desk, compiled by us and illustrated by the excellent Simon Middleweek.

04. A-Z of typography terms

Best infographics Typography terms

Click image to enlarge

Do you know your aperture from your apex? How about the difference between a finial and a flag? If not, then this infographic/typography tutorial from Fontsmith will get you up to speed in no time.

05. 40 little things you can do to break your creative block

The best infographics Break the creative block

Click image to see full size infographic

Creative droughts are the stuff of nightmares for artists, designers photographers, and just about anyone with an imagination. But how do you reignite your creative spark when all you want to do is give up? Designed by the team at Creative Market, this colourful list of 40 inspirational tips contains advice that artistic greats have turned to in times of need.

06. How to become a creative genius in 5 days

The best infographics Creative genius

Could you become a creative genius in just five days?

There is never a bad time to try something new and to set yourself challenges, but sometimes you need a little push. So to get creatives up and running, Zippi has produced this great infographic that shows you how to start making your masterpiece in less than a week.

Stuffed with tips on how to get inspiration, tackle creative blocks and promote yourself, this colourful infographic walks you through each day of the process.

07. Staying happy & healthy at work

The best infographics posture tips for working at desk

Click the image to see the full size infographic

No matter how much you stretch, take breaks or go for a stroll at lunch, the working life of a designer means spending most of the time at a desk. With this in mind, it's important to remember that you shouldn't just be taking breaks – you should be doing everything you can at your desk to ensure a healthy lifestyle.

This infographic from Ultimate Mats sees some important posture pointers being made; whether you favour a sit-down desk or you've moved onto a standing effort, there's some brilliant tips to help your back, neck and shoulders stay in tip-top shape.

08. 12 dos and don'ts of using Facebook for business

The best infographics facebook dos and don ts

Click the image to see the full infographic

Tuning a blind eye to the, er, 'functional' design and questionable apostrophe use, this handy infographic from Hubspot outlines the best practises when it comes to promoting yourself and your business online. From posting at peak times to not posting too much, these 12 tips will certainly get you on the right track if you're just starting out with your business page.

09. Logo design principles

The best infographics Logo design principles

Click the infographic to see it full size

This infographic from Online Logo Maker guides designers through the process of creating a logo by breaking down and examining some of the world's biggest brands. From colours to design principles, everthing's covered.

10. 8 entrepreneurial skills you should teach their kids

The best infographics skills to teach kids

You might be surprised by how much your career can teach your kid

Whilst you might not want your kid to follow completely in your footsteps, your time as a designer can offer some brilliant life skills that will only serve to help your kid be creative and confident in anything they do.

This infographic – created by mobile app Pumpic – highlights the entrpreneurial skills that often come with being a designer. '8 Entrepreneurial Skills That You Should Teach Your Kids' includes the likes of self-confidence and industriousness.

11. Battle of the Bonds

The best infographics Battle of the Bonds

Click image to see full infographic

To coincide with the release of Spectre in 2015, GB Show Plates put together this insightful Battle of the Bonds infographic, detailing some key 007 data.

Turns out Daniel Craig is the fastest Bond, with his average top car speed reaching a pulse-racing 174mph. But he's certainly not the deadliest – Pierce Bosnan takes that title with an of 33.75 kills per movie! Could you guess who's had the most kisses? Now you won't have to.

12. What coffee does to your body

The best infographics Coffee

Click to enlarge - discover what coffee really does to you...

Is nothing safe? The effects of coffee have been put under the microscope thanks to this infographic from I Love Coffee. So the question is: is it time we all switched to decaf?

Affecting everything from your brains to your bowels, it seems the fuel of designers everywhere has some pretty surprising qualities. As a stimulant, coffee pumps you with adrenaline and helps with digestion, but what it does to the brain is truly surprising.

13. What happens one hour after drinking a can of Coke?

The best infographics what happens after Coke

Click to enlarge – and get all the gory details!

From coffee to another caffeine-filled beverage: Coke. This infographic went viral after its release on an unsuspecting cola-loving world, and it is a lesson in infographic simplicity.

So before you reach for a can of Coke, take a look at the Renegade Pharmacist's graphic, which reveals exactly what happens within an hour of drinking one. And trust us, guys, it's not pretty.

14. 15 golden principles of visual hierarchy

The best infographics visual hierarchy

Click the image to see the full sized infographic

Designmantic created the 10 commandments of typography, UI, and colour theory that you may have seen on our pages, and now they've designed this graphic to help you implement visual hierarchy in your data and reduce the noise.

15. 18 rules for using text

The best infographics rules for text

Click the image to see the full sized infographic

We visited The Visual Communication Guy and found this great inforgraphic that provides designers with 18 rules for using text. The use of typography can be confusing – which font do you choose, and what size? If you follow these rules you won't go wrong and quickly start to see a world of difference in your designs.

The best infographics

Click image to see full sized infographic

Want to design the perfect logo? This logo design infographic on will show you how.

17. The 10 commandments of user interface design

The best infographics

Click the image to see the full sized infographic

This is one of the best infographics we've seen covering user interface, or UI design. The creators of the 10 commandments of typography,, have come up with this go-to graphic to help you get your website interface just so.

18. The great big list of infographic ideas

The best infographics

Click the image to see the full sized infographic

While on our travels across the world wide web, we landed at InfoBrandz site and found this – yes, it's an infographic that explains how to make the best infographic around. Which is quite meta. And it's also really useful, so we had to share it with you.

19. What font is best for you?

The best infographics

Click the image to see the full sized infographic

We recently came across this brilliantly detailed infographic on how to determine what font is best for you – and just had to share it with you. Produced by Cartridge Discount, the graphic takes you on a history of typefaces and acts as a guide by delving into serif vs sans-serif, fonts for the web, print, unique fonts and the future of fonts. Take a look and discover what font is best for you.

20. The Marvel Universe

The best infographics Marvel infographic

Click the image to see the full sized infographic

With the much anticipated release of one of the best 3D movies, Thor: The Dark World just around the corner, we just can't get enough of all things Marvel. This brilliant infographic from illustrator Sam Gilbey showcases the cinematic figures for our favourite superheroes.

This brilliant background illustration teamed with the expansive figures make this a perfect infographic for any comic fan. We love the way he's laid out all the information without losing any artistic aspects.

21. Why your brain craves infographics

The best infographics

This infographic hits the parts other infographics cannot reach

This one's new on us - an infographic about infographics. Okay, so Neo Mam Studios may not be the first agency to have this idea, but what they've come up with is beautifully designed and brilliantly executed. An online experience built with HTML5 and CSS3, you can check it out in all its interactive glory if you click the image above.

"The parallax scrolling effects were probably the most difficult to achieve," says Neo Mam's Danny Ashton. "Our developers looked at the available libraries and described them as a bit 'wonky', so they ended up creating their own instead."

Besides that, says Ashton, the challenge in building the infographic was to keep the CSS as simple as possible. "We wanted a smooth, user-friendly experience," Ashton explains. "That was more important to us that doing loads of 'tricks'."

22. Superman costume changes

The best infographics superman

Click the image to see the full size illustrated chart

This year's been a great one for 3D movies and were blown away by the new Superman movie, Man of Steel. To celebrate its release, digital artist Imbong Hadisoebroto has created this illustrated infographic tracing how the superhero's appearance has evolved since 1934. Moving through the decades, it's incredible to see the transformations that the iconic suit has gone through.

From the classic caped-crusader costume to other, lesser-known offerings, Hadisoebroto gives a comprehensive view of Superman throughout the years, including the latest design by James Acheson
and Michael Wilkinson. See more Superman-inspired art from Hadisoebroto on Deviant Art.

23. Imaginary Factory

Best infographics iPhone

Who needs a manual with illustrations like this?

Illustrator, designer and typographer Jing Zhang has dived into her creative mind and produced a series of adorable infographics. Here, she's imagined elves hard at work inside our favourite gadgets with some cute illustrations and quirky annotations. The infographics include iPhones, cameras, clocks and TVs as well as coffees, cakes and teapots.

24. 200 Super powers

Click the image to see the full sized infographic

This is the third iteration of Pop Chart Lab's popular superpower infographic, the material sourced from the last 75 years of comic books and broken down into seven main skills sets; powers of the mind, animal powers, mastery, powers of the body, force control, object manipulation and weapons-based.

This vibrant design is seriously impressive, the sprawling taxonomy of over 200 superpowers and 600 superheroes and villains spreading over six square feet. We're also loving the final rendered vintage-style design, which pays tribute to the great cosmic covers of the Bronze Age of Comics.

25. Distance to Mars

Best infographics Distance to Mars

Click image to view the full infographic

Ever wondered how far it is to Mars? Yes, we know that Wikipedia can tell you the exact distance, but once numbers become, well, astronomical, it can be difficult to really wrap your head around them. To help you out, David Paliwoda and Jesse Williams's motion infographic, Distance to Mars visualises these massive distances in a way that every digital designer can understand – in pixels!

26. Games controllers

Best infographics games controllers

Click image to enlarge

Take a look at the infographic above and tell us you haven't spent hours, even days of your life thumbing several of the controllers you see! The wonderful people at Pop Chart Lab have created this infographic detailing the complete family tree of video game control schemes, including handhelds, joysticks, paddles, gamepads, rifles, steering wheels, and even a glove.

27. Doctor Who

Best infographics Doctor Who

Click image to see the full size infographic

Doctor who fan and designer Sam Gibley was commissioned by Virgin TV to create this illustrated guide to commemorate the 50th anniversary. Artful and easy to digest, it provides a wealth of information on the history of the character, as well as some interesting factoids and trivia.

28. Feltron Annual Report

Best infographics Feltron

Click image to see the full Feltron report

Nicholas Feltron is best known for being a member of the product design team at Facebook. But, since 2005, he's been working on a personal project called the annual Feltron report. Every year, the designer releases the daddy of all infographics documenting everything he's done in 12 months. Awesome.

29. Fonts & Colors

Best infographics Fonts amp Colors

Click the image to see the full size infographic

Internet marketing and design company Tasty Placement developed this cool infographic that focuses on the use of fonts and colour among the world's leading brands. The interesting study shows which colors, typefaces and styles come together to form the logos of the world's 100 most powerful brands.

30. Serif vs Sans

Best infographics Serif vs Sans Serif

Click image to see the full size infographic

Ever find it hard to choose between Serif and Sans? If so, this Serif vs Sans The Final Battle infographic might come in handy. The design runs through what type of typography is best suited to different projects. And the result? Serif is better for print and Sans is better for web.

31. Wind map

Best infographics Wind map

Click the image to access the animation

A beautiful and original infographic, this animated wind map shows the delicate tracery of wind flowing over the US. The animation, developed by artists Fernanda Viégas and Martin Wattenberg, creates a series of beautiful patterns depending on which direction the wind is flowing. The interactive project also allows you to zoom in to see more details in a specific area.

32. Chinese social media landscape

A favourite of ours here at Creative Bloq, this is illustrator Jessica Draws' first ever animated infographic. Jessica was commissioned by China Blueprint Online to design an infographic to communicate the benefits of using Chinese social media in Australia.

33. Facebook: Supercharging your apps

Best infographics Creative Bloq Facebook

Click the image to see the full size infographic

Feast your eyes upon our very own infographic, created by designer extraordinaire James Hollingworth. Here, you'll discover how Facebook has helped apps grow and develop, and the effect that being on the world's biggest social platform can have on your own app.

34. Evolution of the F1 car

This brilliant animated infographic was created by designer Rufus Blacklock. He has condensed 62 years of F1 car evolution into one handy minute-long video.

35. Olympic swimming 2012

Best infographics Olympic swimming

Click the image to see the full size infographic

Last year, graphic designers were well and truly in the grip of Olympics fever and this brilliant infographic from CREAX – created for their June 2012 newsletter – is one of the best offerings.

36. Home is where the internet is

Best infographics Home internet

Click the image to see the full size infographic

As social media continues to be a part of our everyday lives, it's also becoming an important part of the way we travel. Tripl, a startup that allows users to share travel tips, trip itineraries, and photos from friends, created a cool infographic that shows how social media affects the way we travel.

37. The growth of green technology

Best infographics Green tech

Click the image to see the full size infographic

Environmental issues will always be a hot topic and this infographic from The World Bank showcases the consequences of continuing on the current trajectory and suggests the benefits that can accrue from making a shift to green technologies.

38. Credit cards go social

Best infographics credit cards

Click the image to see the full size infographic

Have you noticed the steady increase of credit card adverts when you log in to Facebook? Credit card companies have started to up their presence on social media websites to lure in young customers. This infographic from card hub explains why you should care...

39. Rank for your name in Google

Best infographics Rank in Google

Click the image to see the full size infographic

Want to rank better in Google? If you're an individual, you could build your own site and hope it does well. But you might have more success by creating a page for yourself on a social media site like LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter. This infographic from Search Engine Land shows you how.

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