The 100 best infographics

71. The history of advertising on YouTube

Best infographics advertising on YouTube

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We always knew that YouTube had been growing at an alarming rate, but this handy infographic brings it all together in one burst of information. The design of it is simple yet effective and we love the three-part colour scheme.

72. The infographic of infographics

Best infographics infographic of infographics

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Did the title confuse you? Us too. But this is a handy and tongue-in-cheek look at the design of successful infographics.

73. The life and times of Steve Jobs

Best infographics Steve Jobs

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There are plenty of Apple infographics dotted around the internet but this one explaining the life and times of Steve Jobs caught our eye. The clever illustration and unique layout is what makes it stand out.

75. How Instagram took America by storm

Best infographics Instagram in the US

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We're not quite sure how it happened either but Instagram was recently named as one of the most profitable and popular apps to date. Take a look at this infographic to see what all the fuss is about.

76. Dribbble: A HTML5 interactive infographic

Best infographics interactive Dribbble HTML5 infographic

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That's right, you read it correctly. This interactive infographic for Dribbble is as creative as they come. A simple and sleek design makes the brand stand out whilst still making it UX-ready.

77. How green is your iPad?

Best infographics how green is your iPad

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This startling infographic was created by the team at Sortable and depicts just how bad your favourite gadget is for the environment. As depressing as the statistics shown may be, fear not, for there's light at the end of the recycling tunnel.

79. Accessibility challenges in email

Best infographics email accessibility

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This eye-opening infographic showcases what designers can do to take people with disabilties into account. From colour blindness to neurological disorders, everything is covered to help designers cater to those needs.

80. Understanding Google Page Rank

Best infographics Google Page rank

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This fun infographic explains the complex nature of Google Page Rank and what you can do to get to the top. The creative metaphor of a Prom King tussle is used throughout.

81. The power of Pinterest

Best infographics the power of Pinterest

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We're sure you're already be under Pinterest's spell and rightly so, as this infographic picks apart the rise and power of the service. It also explains how you can use it in case you're a newbie!

82. Avengers Assemble!

Best infographics Choose your favourite superhero

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This infographic breaks down each Avengers Assemble character's strength, skills, brains, gadgets and heart and displays them in a few handy pie charts. We absolutely loved the character designs!

83. Airbnb then and now

Best infographics Airbnb

Airbnb lets you discover and book unique accommodations around the world – from your desktop or mobile. Whether an apartment for a night, a castle for a week, or a villa for a month, Airbnb connects people to unique travel experiences. This infographic displays the company growth over the last few years using simple typographic treatment paired with fun accommodation illustrations.

84. Caffeinated Beverages

Best infographics Caffinated beverages

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We're constantly being updated on the health risks of various foods and beverages; energy drinks are associated with insomnia, tooth decay, stomach damage and many more side effects. If you're a designer that keeps your eyes open with caffeine, check out this infographic and see if you should start cutting back...

85. The Happy Show

Best infographics The Happy Show

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A thought provoking and interactive infographic exhibition by Stefan Sagmeister, The Happy Show offered visitors the experience of walking into the designer's mind as he attempts to increase his happiness via meditation, cognitive therapy, and mood-altering pharmaceuticals.

86. Kobe Bryant

Best infographics Kobe Bryant

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Even if you're not interested in NBA basketball, you'll probably heard of Kobe Bryant. Recently he became the youngest player in NBA history to score over 30,000 career points. The LA Lakers have released this infographic, designed by J Alexander Diaz, that gives you an insight to Kobe Bryant scoring numbers throughout his 17 seasons.

87. Around the world in 80 ways

Best infographics Around the World in 80 Ways

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LateDeals, who own many of Europe's best known holiday brands has created this stunning infographic showcasing 80 different methods of travelling around the globe. Digital design agency Code Computerlove gathered research and discovered that there are 80 ways you could travel round the world from a hovercraft to a jet pack, to an electric milk float or on ice skates.

The list also reveals that it would take a total of 24 years and 61 hours to travel round the world using all 80 methods of travel mentioned.

89. Die Hard

examples of infographics

The Die Hard infographics break down body counts, explosions and much more for each of the five films in the franchise

This brilliant Die Hard infographic was recently created as part of the marketing campaign for Bruce Willis's latest source of paycheck. The poster breaks down body counts, explosions, plot points and much more – and there's one for each of the five films in the franchise. Having a certain way with words, we particularly like the addition of John McClane's more memorable and humourous lines.

90. Inception

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We love this simple but beautiful infographic for Christopher Nolan's 2010 blockbuster movie Inception. Let's face it, given how complex the film is, a little bit of simplicity to explain it goes a long way. The illustration was created by New York-based graphic designer Rick Slusher, his elegant summary of the film depicting each character as a colored line; the layers of dreams depicted as concentric circles.

91. How the flux capacitor works

Examples of infographics

The creative team at sloshpot breakdown exactly how the flux capacitor sends Marty and Doc Brown on their many adventures

An '80s classic, cult film Back to the Future is a firm favourite for many. With such a big following, there's hundreds of pieces of BTTF fan art online, including this brilliant infographic by the team at sloshpot, which provides great insight on how the legendary flux capacitor makes time travel possible.

93. CBRE statistical report

This animated infographic from Mauco Sosa, VeniVideoVici and Pedro Cobo is about as beautiful as they come.

"We were commissioned by CBRE to develop an infographic series based on a global real estate statistic report," they explain. "In order to do that, we developed a unique visual system to give the series its own personality, and to be used for the company in all further communications."

94. The 10 Commandments of Typography


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This infographic from Evan Brown at DesignMantic aims to save you those long scrolling hours and instead offer up some simple type-based commandments.

"Even though typography is an art and art is supposed to be subjective with minimal parameters, these rules can still be applied in order to save time and too much experimentation," he explains. "It's always good to know the few basic do's and don'ts in order to save yourself the trouble of experimenting too many fonts on your design."

96. How to be a superhero

how to be a superhero

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This adorable infographic from Canadian illustrator Zia Somjee informs us of how we can aquire a back story, a secret identity and even an arch-nemesis, you'll be the next Superman – or Batman or whoever your favourite is – in no time. So, whether you're concerned about which colour spandex you should opt for or how you'll go about acquiring a power, look no further than this fun and inspiring offering.

97. The magnificent multitude of beer

beer infographic

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The multitude of varieties, brands and tastes of beer available can sometimes be a little overwhelming. So what better way to showcase the taxonomy of beer than with an infographic?

A favourite here at Creative Bloq, Pop Chart Lab have now built on their original beer infographic from 2010 and created a 60x40in malty monstrosity called The Magnificent Multitude of Beer. It ended up being so big that the team had to enlist the help of another printing firm to handle the job. After all that hard work, let's hope they found time to head to the bar afterwards.

98. How to avoid design distractions

how to be productive infographic

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Designed by Anna Vital, this useful infographic shows us how we can get our work done and avoid those ever-apparant distractions. The cute colour scheme not only charts the type of productivity but also provides a lovely aesthetic. Whilst some of the advice is pretty obvious, it's nice to have it all in one place to remind us to focus on the task in hand. Hopefully once you've had a peek, you'll go back to what you were supposed to be doing!

99. The Existential Calculator

Artist Kelli Anderson was asked by Adobe to "make something interesting" for designers attending the recent AIGA event, and this paper-made infographic, the 'Existential Calculator', was her response. It aims to answer that age-old question, 'Should I take that job?'.

Okay, we know that this calculation wheel might not give you all the answers to life's questions but it sure does look nice. Learn more about The Existential Calendar on her blog.

100. The ABC of design

The best infographics ABC of Design

Brush up on your design terms with this cool infographic

Even the most talented and experienced designers have to explain their work and deal with creative criticism, but how can you articulate your vision to clients? Fortunately the design industry is shaped by a glossary of terms that explain the technical thinking behind creative decisions, as this infographic from DesignMantic reveals.

A neat piece of design work in itself, the ABC of design runs through 26 key words every designer needs to know and turns their meaning into stylish graphics. (We love how they snuck in the essence of negative space.)

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