17 digital artists you need to know about

If you're in need of inspiration, looking to the work of other digital artists is a brilliant place to start. There is incredible work being created every day in the industry, with boundaries pushed and new forms of art being experimented with all the time. From marvellous colour palettes, to stunning line work, there's always something to learn from the community. 

So, we've created this list of the mega-talented digital artists you need to know about. The following artists prove that nothing is off limits with a humble tablet and some decent software. Don't miss our best digital art software roundup and best drawing apps for iPad roundup to improve your own digital and core art skills.

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Claire is the editor of ImagineFX magazine the worldwide No.1 magazine for digital artists. Claire is passionate about the digital art community and is always on the look out for fantastic artists and creators. is this you? Get in touch!