Sketch vs Photoshop: which design tool should you use?

The pros and cons of the two popular design tools are weighed up in this useful infographic.

When it comes to creating digital art and web designs, Photoshop (now part of Adobe's Creative Cloud) has been the go-to tool for years. But this doesn't mean it's the only software for the job. In recent years, Sketch, a proprietary vector graphics editor, has risen through the ranks to become a serious rival to the mighty Photoshop.

With an Apple Design Award to its name, as well as being named app of the year by our very own net magazine, there's clearly something special about Sketch. How does it compare to Photoshop, though?

To guide potential users and old hands through the pros and cons of both Sketch and Photoshop, MonsterPost has created this handy infographic. Covering everything from workflow efficiency to tools on offer, this head-to-head infographic doesn't pull any punches. But who emerges as the winner? Find out below.

Click the image to see the full size infographic

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