50 brilliant design portfolios to inspire you

31. Small Studio

design portfolio Small Studio

Small Studio portfolio is whimsical and interactive

Small Studio is an award-winning creative agency, founded in Melbourne in 2007 by directors Paul Kotz and Todd Proctor, and it's portfolio is well worth a visit. The moment the visitor lands on the homepage, they are invited to cut the balloon's cord to send it flying into the sky, and there are plenty of whimsical and delightful moments to follow. 

32. Bleed

design portfolio Bleed

Bleed aims to challenge conventions with its work

Bleed states that it represents "a mix of cultures and disciplines to challenge today’s conventions around art, visual language, interaction, media and identity". This mode of thinking is implemented within its online projects. Full-screen imagery and large type engage the user whilst scrolling through the site, and its studio manifesto at the end is a nice touch.

33. Kendra Schaefer

design portfolio Kendra Schaefer

The online portfolio of Kendra Schaefer is packed with personality

Kendra Schaefer likes to mix up her portfolio, but every version is packed with personality. The designer recently moved to China, and has embraced this as her theme. And with comments like "THIS SITE USED TO BE FUNNY, now it just feels sexually inadequate (guess who's over 30!)" it's clear she's maintained her sense of humour.

34. Cast Iron Studio

design portfolio Cast Iron Studio

The online portfolio of Cast Iron Studio is full of creative flair

Cast Iron Studio's portfolio is a modern delight. The studio has taken on a nifty little cast iron pan as their logo and evokes its environmentally responsible ethos with a simple, naturalistic design and infinite(ish) scrolling. Each project section goes in-depth into each aspect of the work, so there's plenty to explore, too.

35. DJNR

design portfolio DJNR

The online portfolio of DJNR truly stands out

This is an online portfolio that really stands out from the crowd. DJNR crafted this highly interactive site, which includes a GIF of a working day that coincides with the bar running at the bottom of the page.

There's also music and a highly eye-catching colour scheme. You can browse through all the projects on one page, which includes development, games, animation and design. It was even an FWA site of the day!

36. Strangelove

design portfolio Gareth Strange

The colours on this site complement each other perfectly

The phenomenon of Pinterest has meant a huge rise in Pinterest-style layouts. This is far from another copycat site though – graphic designer Gareth Strange has managed to make this one his own. The homepage directly focuses on his illustrations, with the colours nicely complementing each other. The visitor is able to immediately gauge Gareth's design approach, which certainly makes for a successful portfolio.

37. Maria De La Guardia

Maria De La Guardia's portfolio site is easy to navigate

UX and visual designer Maria De La Guardia's portfolio site was built using the Craft CMS. It's an impressive lesson in clear navigation. It's split into sections – work, contact details, recommendations – all signposted with bright bands of colour. Meanwhile, the icon-studded homepage background lends personality.

38. Steven Bonner

design portfolio Steven Bonner

Steven Bonner's portfolio site barely includes any words at all

Illustrator Steven Bonner's work deserves to be splashed across any screen. Thankfully his online portfolio does just that. In the most recent version of his portfolio, he's taken a confident approach and shunned words altogether, instead opting to let his work speak for itself. The homepage features a selection of tantalisingly cropped images of previous projects, and he invites the user to get in touch to find out more.

39. Jesse Willmon

design portfolio Jesse Willmon

The design portfolio of Jesse Willmon is playful and fun

This playful portfolio comes from designer Jesse Willmon. As soon as you arrive on the homepage, you know you're in for a treat. A cute aesthetic helps you feel welcome, along with a chatty tone, felt-tip font and colourful imagery. It only gets better once you click on the links, as Willmon's signature illustration style continues throughout.

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