10 creative mirror designs

Just look what imaginative things creatives have done with reflective glass. These brilliant mirror designs serve both a decorative and functional purpose.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, which is the fairest of you all? All around the world, creatives are turning these ordinary household objects into brilliant pieces of design. Check out these awesome mirror designs that do more than just show you your reflection...

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01. Looking good

How cool are these Ray-Bans?

Sick of your housemate or other half hogging the mirror? Well, this spec-tacular (see what we did there!) sunglasses design will solve all your problems. Not to mention double as a super-cool piece of art hanging on your wall. The Looking Good mirror comes in the form of a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses, with each lens sporting reflective glass.

02. Fiction

This unusual mirror was created by designer Jean-Marie Massaud

We love this stylish and clever mirror design by Glas Italia. Created by Jean-Marie Massaud using extralight glass with degrading shaded silvering, this unusual design gradually fades away on the wall, creating a stunning optical illusion.

03. Eclipse mirror

This beautiful eclipse mirror was designed by art director Bodo Sperlein

If you're into astronomy then you'll love this mirror by product designer and art director Bodo Sperlein. Created using Dupont Corain and Swarovski crystals, it's "designed to be iconic in shape and stature... the mirror is internally lit and emits a warm luminescence".

04. Jump out mirror

An innovative design from Japanes artist Shunsuke Umiyama

This clever, removable hand mirror design comes from designer and creator of MicroWorks Shunsuke Umiyama. The concept is based around a small hand mirror, secured safely using magnets, integrated within a larger item to form a single product. Very handy.

05. Skate Mirror

Smile, you're on skateboard!

Want to relive your youth? Or just love to skate? Then check out this Skate Mirror by Suck. Made from stainless steel and mirrored glass, the design also features genuine skate trucks. This eye-catching piece is sure to have people admire its design as well as themselves. A great buy if you've got a spare £125.

06. Touch screen MP3 mirror

Singing in the shower anyone?

If you like to sing in the shower then you'll love this awesome MP3 mirror from Italian luxury bathroom specialists Stocco. With a digital music player embedded directly in it, the mirror becomes a touch responsive control screen for music playback. Awesome.

07. Perito Moreno Vanity Circle

The 'Perito Moreno' mirror design was inspired by the glacier of the same name

This gorgeous 'Perito Moreno' design looks like it's come straight out of a Hollywood dressing room. The concept came from modern and contemporary lighting designer and manufacturer Iris Design Studio. Their website explains that it was "inspired by the South American glacier of the same name, which is clearly reflected in the stunning Lago Argenti ... Perito Moreno holds up a mirror to nature".

08. New York

This alternative mirror design is just one of many from home decoration company Mandellia

This New York skyline wall sticker doubles as a mirror. Made with reflective material, the product was created by the guys at Mandellia. And this is just one of their designs, others are based around abstract patterns, animals, and the skyline of Paris.

09. Madame est servie

Save space in your home with this ironing board mirror design by Aissa Logerot

If you're short of space in your home then this clever ironing board mirror may be just what you need. Titled Madame est servie, the concept came from designer Aissa Logerot, she comments on her site, "This object is a link between two consecutive actions: iron clothes and dress up."

10. Interactive mirror

This interactive mirror was developed by Alpay Kasal of Lit Studios and Sam Ewen of Interference Inc. Their design features proximity sensors, gesturing, and both nearfield and farfield infrared. A cool idea but we feel sorry for the person who has to clean it!

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