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Typography posters poke fun at classic fonts

Guaranteed to raise a smile from any type geek, these witty posters hit well-known fonts right in the funny bone.

typography posters
Get a kick out of these typography-based poster puns

If you're a typography geek like us, these tongue-in-cheek posters by designer Gary Nicholson should put a smile on your face.

His witty plays on the names of fonts such as Times New Roman and Grotesk might leave most of the general public baffled, but they certainly tickled our funny bones. (Which is probably a sign we need help of some sort...).

Since graduating from the University of Cumbria, Nicholson's work has mostly consisted of typographic and editorial design. This project was  purely a bit of fun for the designer but we love it, and would love to see more...

typography posters
typography posters
typography posters
typography posters

You can see more of Nicholson's work, including even more poster designs and stunning branding projects over on his website

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