New Wacom stylus for iPad drawing

The king of drawing tablets launches its first pressure-sensitive iPad stylus. Read on to learn more...

The Intuos Creative Stylus aims to turn the iPad into a serious drawing tablet

Wacom has already created serious buzz today with the announcement of its new high-price, high-end tablets. But not everyone can find $1,499 down the back of the sofa. So if that's you, and you already have an iPad, then you'll definitely be interested in another new Wacom release, the Intuos Creative Stylus. The latest addition to Wacom Bamboo Stylus line, it's the company’s first pressure-sensitive iPad stylus.

The iPad doesn't actually offer a pressure-sensitive display, so the new stylus makes clever use of Bluetooth 4.0 and third-party software to square the circle. It claims to offer 2048 levels of pressure-sensitivity in compatible iPad art apps, which currently include SketchBook, ArtRage, ProCreate, ArtStudio, Inkist, Flipink and Wacom's free Bamboo Paper app. Support is promised soon for Adobe Ideas, Psykopaint, and Vision Object Notes.

Wacom says one battery will power it for 150 hours

Wacom says the stylus - which comes in black or blue - will work with the iPad 3 or later, and claims one AAA battery will power it for over 150 hours. It will be on sale at $99 from October 7.

Other pens are available

It's not the first pressure sensitive digital pen for Apple's tablet - existing rivals include Ten One Design's Pogo Connect and the Adonit Jot Touch. But the power of the Wacom brand suggests the Intuos Creative Stylus has a good chance of becoming the market leader.

It's not the first on the market, but it has the highest number of recognizable pressure levels

Of course, the lack of decent pressure sensitivity on the iPad is one of the reasons many artists and designers see Wacom's tablets as the only option - so we're not sure if the company is cutting off its nose to spite its face here. But we're certainly keen to see how the new pen works in practice, and how many creatives who've previously dismissed Apple's tablet begin to reappraise it as a serious design tool.

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