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New Bowie website charts singer's golden years

Take a trip through David Bowie's career with this Spotify-enhanced experience from web development agency Epiphany.

David Bowie rise
Take a trip through David Bowie's extensive career with this new website

To mark the release of David Bowie's first album in 10 years, SEO specialists and web development agency Epiphany have created the ultimate timeline for any Bowie fan for their client Castle Cover. Whether you're a fan of his music or not, the design of the site is second-to-none.  

The Rise and Rise of David Bowie timeline uses the browser to create interesting patterns and styles for Bowie's range of iconic eras, in the form of warp-like circles, diamonds and triangles. It enables the user to feel like they are travelling through time and experiencing the eras for themselves, whilst listening to Bowie's music through Spotify.

The idea at the front screen is that you get 'sucked in' to the record and are taken through time. Although this is simply a timeline of a music artist on the back of his recent album release, the patterned backgrounds and animation used throughout are a feat in web design.

david bowie rise
david bowie rise
david bowie rise
david bowie rise
david bowie rise

You can browse through all of Bowie's era on the Rise and Rise of David Bowie timeline.

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