How to write a good web design proposal

Readers of net magazine share their advice on how to successfully communicate brilliant ideas.

Web design proposal

Create a pitch-perfect proposal with this advice

Any website builder will tell you that when it comes to pitching a project, designers will have their work cut-out. From creating website mockups through to tweaking the mobile website, there's a whole host of factors to keep in mind. Luckily the experienced readers of net magazine are here to explain how to make your next client proposal as efficient as possible.

01. Talk it out

02. Know your audience

03. Step-by-step

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Alice Pattillo is a staff writer at Creative Bloq, where she creates content for the likes of Imagine FX, 3D World, net and Computer Arts magazines. When she is not writing about VFX and digital art, she freelances for Metal Hammer magazine, watches too many horror films and reads comic books. Sometimes she sculpts monsters and has been writing her own comic book for over ten years (it's still unfinished…).