16 top online coding courses

The internet is brimming with learning tools. Katie Kovalcin takes a look at the coolest code schools on the block.

09. Treehouse

Online coding course Treehouse

Treehouse is, hands down, one of the best learning tools around

Treehouse has one of the most comprehensive libraries of educational materials on this list, while also being one of the most relevant.

Not only does it offer a large variety of code courses, but it also offers 'workspaces' for you to try out new projects in your own time, as well as a library with videos of industry professionals' talks. It's the only one on this list to offer an iPad app to continue your learning, too.

You can try a free two-week trial on Treehouse, and from then on there are two tiers of monthly fees which give users access to all of the site's content.

10. Codeacademy

Online coding course Codeacademy

Codeacademy is easy to use and it's free

Codecademy is free and easy to set up. Straight away you can create 'goals' for yourself and find the skills you want to learn. These could range from applicable things like creating a portfolio site to silly, fun things like animating your name or building a CSS galaxy.

11. Lynda

Lynda is one of the more popular video tutorial sites. It offers an abundance of content that is constantly added to with new and up-to-date technologies and software. Lynda is a trusted resource that many turn to when looking to watch a tutorial to pick up a new skill.

12. Skillshare

Skillshare is a subscription-based service that offers hundreds of classes taught by industry professionals. Courses come complete with material that has been created by the instructors, and there are projects for you to apply your skills.

13. Mijingo

Mijingo is an online learning resource that features step-by-step video tutorials for both web design and development. the courses are cohesive and thorough, and some offer transcripts, starter files and additional resources.

14. Pluralsight

No discussion of online training would, of course, be complete without a mention of Pluralsight. It now offers, following an acquisition spree, the world's biggest online training library.

The company now owns Code School (mentioned above), Smarterer, and Digital-Tutors. Each of these different schools has its own focus and personality. Such is the size of the Pluralsight stable, if it doesn't offer a course, it's unlikely anybody does.

15. Learnable

Learnable offers an ever growing library of courses and books for web designers and developers. The site's aim is to make learning easy, fun and comfortable. You'll find lessons tailored to beginners right up to professionals.

For $15 a month you can access courses, ebooks and code samples. Pay $99 a year and you also download resources too.

16. CoderMania

Still in the beta stage, CoderMania promises to be the ultimate guide for web developers. With such grand ambitions it's certainly a site to watch. Lessons, thus far, cover JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

Words: Katie Kovalcin and Martin Cooper

Katie Kovalcin currently works at Sparkbox. She has a degree in graphic design from Columbus College of Art & Design where she obsessed over typography and layouts. Follow her on Twitter @katiekovalcin. This article originally appeared in net issue 258.

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