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How to create award-winning animation

Issue 186 of 3D World reveals how to get started in animation and ways to develop your characters design, performance and workflow.

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Pixar's Anthony Wong shares his experience of working on Anamalia's new animation, Wildlife Crossing, revealing the skills needed to start your own short film. Mortiz Schneider shares his 10 tips to designing heroes and villains for an animated short, using his award-winning movie Harald as an example.

There's more insights and inspiration from DreamWorks talent scout Shelley Page who reveals her 15 best animations of 2014. Plus! Ed Hooks reveals the importance of performance for animators as he argues a great artist should be a good actor.

Tutorials this issue cover modo modelling, sculpting a Catwoman figure for 3D printing, creating a photo-real arch-viz scene in Blender and much more!

Features this issue include:

  • Life in the Fast Lane – Pixar's Anthony Wong reveals what it takes to make a great animated short
  • Short and Sweet – Discover the 10 tips to creating unique heroes and villains for animation
  • The Eyecandy Show – DreamWorks' Shelley Page picks the 15 best animated shorts for 2014
  • Creating fire and water – Discover the VFX studios solutions to creating realistic fire and water visual effects
  • Acting for animators – Ed Hooks shares his views on how to get more from an animated performance

Training this issue includes:

  • ZBrush – How to model a curvy cartoon female character
  • ZBrush – Learn to sculpt a toy figure for 3D printing
  • Modo 801 – Improve your essential Modo modelling skills
  • LightWave 3D – Create abstract animations using Hypervoxel Blending
  • Google Earth/Maya/Photoshop – Learn how to use satellite data in your terrain modelling
  • Blender – Create a photo-real arch-viz scene using Blender

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