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3D World goes to Jurassic Park

The latest issue of 3D World turns to CG artists, VFX pros and paleoartists around the world to discover the secrets to creating incredible CG dinosaurs.

In the process, the team dig up some news on Jurassic World as Jack Horner shares his opinion: "Jurassic Park is going to have one dinosaur that is going to be the scariest dinosaur ever," says the Jurassic Park advisor: "The whole concept of Jurassic Park 4 is really cool."

Digging into the tutorials this issue there's some key techniques to master, including cover artist Jonathan Reilly's T-Rex tutorial in ZBrush, Maya and KeyShot and Framestore's Daren Horley's advice on improving your texture painting in Mari.

There's a look into rigging and animating dinosaurs for film with Animal Logic as well as an examination of how CG is changing palaeoart, including the use of creating 3D printed skeletons and how more accurate modelling is changing how scientists view dinosaurs' movement, look and behaviour.

News this issue looks into the VFX behind 300: Rise of an Empire, there's a first hands-on impressions of Maya 2015, 3ds Max 2015 and Mudbox 2015, plus 3D World launches its annual CG Awards - have you nominated? Visit the website to have you're say on the year's best CG and VFX.

How to get hold of 3D World #182

Features this issue include:

  • Paleoartists from around the world share their art, research and projects
  • Animal Logic reveal how they made dinosaurs move
  • Discover the new research that's changing dinosaurs in movies
  • Make your own movie: Read Miguel Ortega's first development diary from The Ningyo
  • Autodesk's Entertainment Creation Suite 2015 – first impressions
  • From Alien to Godzilla: What makes a great movie monster?

Training this issue includes:

  • Maya: Create a realistic T-rex
  • ZBrush: Model from the imagination
  • Mari: 14 texture painting tips and techniques
  • ZBrush: Sculpt accurate female anatomy, part 3
  • Blender: Model and render a surreal scene
  • Artist Q&A: Use MeshFushion in Modo, animate a dinosaur, create fabric in Maya, emulate camera optics in Octane

On test this issue:

  • Cintiq 24HD Touch
  • 3D Printing for Dummies
  • Blender for 3D Printing