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Comedy short about a fame-seeking knight is epic

It has all the ingredients to be a classic fairy tale - a knight, fire-breathing dragons, princess in distress, a trusty steed - but, as it turns out, new short '850 metres' from director Joeri Christiaen is anything but. Produced by Thuristar and Lunanime, this is a refreshing, not to mention incredibly funny, take on the well-known 'rescue the princess' story.

At just under 15 minutes long, the short has been in development for a while now, with the teaser first released back in 2010. But the wait was totally worth it, with the team clearly putting in a huge amount of time, effort and precision to this after-hours project.

We won't spoil the suprise for you, but make sure you watch the short all the way to the end to see the brilliant and unexpected twist!

You can also see what went on behind the scenes in these making-of videos:

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