Gorgeous animation twists a classic fairytale

Many developers of new software create production projects and environments to test their code and, quite often, will publicly share the results, in order to start conversations, get feedback and promote their products.

A prime example of this is Fetch, a beautiful, short 3D animation by Appleseed. The team created the project to show capabilities of the Appleseed Renderer, and they've done it in serious style. There's elements of both tension and humour, with the last shot completing the narrative to great effect.

The Appleseed team showcase the capabilities of their renderer beautifully in Fetch

Both the story and the art are well conceived, wonderfully executed and certainly made us want to investigate the Appleseed renderer further. The visuals are wondeful, with great lighting, textures and an almost stop-motion-like style to the animation.

But what really caught our attention was the camera work. Every frame works in its own right, but the camera moves are lovely and really support the story. As well as peaking interest in this new product, we're equally excited to see more from the animators behind this short.

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