How to create 3D paper environments

Recently, we asked how keen your eye for stopmotion and CG animation was, using Dutch 3D artist Pingo Van Der Brinkloev's It's Paper project to test your skills.

Since its release, It's Paper has proved so popular that Brinkloev has released a series of tutorials, apt titled Making Paper, which breakdown the entire process of creating this realistic paper environment in Cinema 4D.

Discover how to create cool 3D paper environments with this new series of tutorials

In the first part of the two planned releases, you'll be taken through modelling, layout, animating, shading and rendering a looping paper city, step-by-step. There is a short, free introduction, followed by another four videos, which can either be rented or purchased via Vimeo on Demand at a reduced introductory price.

Suitable for Cinema 4D user of all skill levels, this training will have you creating production-quality paper environments in no time!