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The 11 best Maya plugins

Cartoony 3D character rigs

Maya is one of the most comprehensively featured 3D applications available. It’s vast and capable, which means that as you learn the workflow and navigate the menu systems, certain tasks can be harder to complete.

This isn’t a failing, as artists working in particular fields will build the muscle memory to do what’s needed, but for the many generalists who only rarely use certain tools, it can be frustrating. This is where the community comes into play, with either smart artists writing scripts or canny developers spotting the need to make odd jobs easier.

There are many ways that Maya can help improve your workflow (check out our Maya tutorials for some ideas) but plugins are something most people are familiar with and they generally have better support than random MEL scripts; they tend to be developed by companies or larger studios, with proper teams, development cycles and support available.

Here we've rounded up some top plugins for Maya that can help with accomplishing specific tasks, from generating crowds through to helping you make the move from 2D to 3D. Costs for plugins can vary hugely, with some reaching prices similar to Maya itself, but many of them are free, or have at least a free trial.

01. Massive for Maya

Massiva for Maya homepage

Crowd generator Massive is now fully integrated into Maya
  • Price:  Free evaluation period, then $3,500; renting available for $500 per month

If you are a Maya artist there may be many reasons for you to need to create crowds, small or large, for your projects – not only as a visual effects artist, but if you work in engineering viz or architecture. There are a few options out there for generating crowds but Massive is one of the best-known and it is now fully integrated into Maya.

The Maya version provides you with the simplest workflow, using Maya tools, so you can navigate your scene attributes using familiar tools like the Outliner or Graph Editor. This makes for a streamlined and intuitive workflow with less of a learning curve. Stay in one application to build hordes of zombies or armies of mounted apes, or populate your streets, bridges and buildings with realistic townsfolk.

02. Krakatoa

Krakatoa project display

Krakatoa is capable of rendering millions of particles
  • Platform: Windows, Linux
  • Price: 15-day trial/ $1,000

The latest issue of high-volume particle rendering plugin Krakatoa, MY 2.3, comes with full Magma support, higher particle counts, and PRT surfacing over and above the previous verions. Creator Thinkbox Software has also fine-tuned existing features so that all platforms are now feature equivalent and more than fully capable of handling anything artists throw at them.

Krakatoa can work with a single data source to then render in either voxel or point format, meaning that billions of particles have even more power and versatility than ever.

03. The Andy Rig

Andy Rig homescreen

This popular rig was built around student feedback
  • Price: Free

Character rigging can be a tiresome, not to mention tricky, task. Aware of this, artist John Doublestein created the Andy (short of androgynous) Rig to save the students at the Savannah College of Art and Design the trouble. This brilliant customisable character rig is probably one of the most used, flexible and stable rigs around. Updated based on student feedback, this tool plays both male and female roles and has multiple hairstyles and textures readily available.

The latest release includes features such as including IK/FK matching on arms and legs, squash and stretch and bendy arms and animatable pivots on feet, root and head to make the task of rigging as simple and as quick as possible.

04. MGTools

MGTools home page

Save time and effort with this animation tool
  • Price: Version 1: Free; MG Tools Pro3: from $70 

Designed by an animator, for animators, Miguel Winfield’s plugin MG Tools has a number of features that aims to make the life of an animator that much easier. By downloading this plugin, you'll benefit from a floating channelBox, specialised for animation, a selection of constraint tools to speed up the process, a MG to MA converter, motion path animation calculator and much more.

Dubbed the animator’s utility belt, MG Tools can seriously save time and create a more efficient workflow. Winfield generously offers the first version of this tool as a free download (compatible with Maya 7 to 2010), with the latest iteration of the software starting at $70.

05. BHGhost

  • Price: Free

Onion skinning is a technique used by animators to see multiple frames at once. By using this technique, artists can easily see how to alter or adjust an image based on the previous image in the sequence.

This free script by animator and rigger Brian Horgan provides a different but helpful approach to onion skinning in 3D. Maya's in-built ghosting tool shows semi-transparent animated objects in a scene to give an overview of the animation created.

But BHGhost takes it one step further, creating an onion skin that creates actual 3D outlines of your animation in the Maya viewport, making it easier to see the relation between poses and refine your animation even further.

06. Maya Bonus Tools

Bonus Tools 2019 landing page

Access a variety of Maya tools with Bonus Tools 2019
  • Price: Free

Who better to get some free Maya tools from than the makers of the software themselves? The helpful folk at Autodesk not only provide a huge amount of supportive information on their online community site Area, they've also uploaded this brilliant free collection of useful Maya scripts and plugins.

Installation creates an additional pull-down menu, which provides easy access to a variety of every day tools and utilities. And so not to confuse you, tools have been organised to mimic the layout of the standard Maya menu sets, with each sub-menu containing a number of related tools, which can be torn off and floated just like standard Maya menus.

07. Miarmy - Crowd Sim Plugin

  • Price: Free (non-commercial licence)

If you want to create your own battle or crowd scene but have no idea where to begin, crowd simulation software Miarmy may be just the solution. This complex Maya plugin offers a range of features, including the ability to enable agents to be affected by forces or Maya Fluids systems, for a believable performance.

The full professional version will set you back almost back $2550. But, if you're starting small, take advantage of the non-commercial licence, which is free. You can also take advantage of completely free demo scenes, presets, samples and tutorials, to get you up and running fast.

08. TweenMachine

tweenMachine Github page

Keyframe animation is made easy with tweenMachine
  • Price: Free

Every animator out there will know how time-consuming keyframe animation can be. Originally created by 3D character animator Justin Barrett but now in the hands of Alex Widener, the purpose of Maya plug-in TweenMachine is to greatly simplify the process of creating breakdown poses between key poses.

TweenMachine significantly reduces the amount of steps it takes to create poses for your character with stepped keys. Barrett doesn’t claim TweenMachine creates perfect breakdown poses, but says it "helps you get closer to your goal a lot faster than other methods".

09. ShotView

ShotView screenshot

If you like to wear your directorial hat, then ShotView is the tool for you
  • Price: Free

Shotview is a free and simple but very effective Maya plugin, which provides a constant and clean representation of your camera view in a floating window.

This tool is incredibly useful, especially for artists with a two monitor set-up, as it allows you to view both the default Maya perspective and camera view simultaneously, saving the hassle of switching between the two and helping to develop the perfect cinematic shot.

Shotview also allows you to set automatic filtering options that will turn off any controllers that you don't want to see when running a playblast, that will restore after it has been created.

10. Advanced Skeleton

  • Price: Free/ Commercial license from $750

Since working on various feature animated films such as Happy Feet and The Legend of the Guardians, technical director Oyvind Nostdal developed Advanced Skeleton to make character creation a much more efficient process.

A collection of Maya tools for doing character setup, this useful plugin creates a complex motion system from a simple joint chain. This is a brilliant, time-saving tool, and will have your characters up and running in no time.

11. Blue Pencil 2

  • Price: $65

If you're a 2D artist making the move into 3D, you should check out this sketchpad for Maya, Blue Pencil, which provides 2D drawing to Maya's 3D viewport. The useful plugin features a grease pencil tool that allows artists to plan, annotate and illustrate shots.

Like most painting tools, Blue Pencil 2 benefits from drawing tools that include the pencil, brush, eraser and eye dropper. It also has built-in pressure-sensitive controls of line thickness and opacity. But don't expect the quality of other 2D imaging software such as Photoshop, Blue Pencil is simply a multi-purpose tool designed for roughing out ideas.

Parts of this article were originally published in issue 241 of 3D World, the world's best-selling magazine for CG artists. Buy issue 241 here or subscribe to 3D World here.

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