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Show-stopping trailers showcase two decades of visual effects

Here at Creative Bloq, we're big fans of 3D art and visual effects, including 3D movies. So we're very excited that today marks the start of the 20th anniversary of FMX, an annual event that gathers some of the most creative and accomplished artists in the animation, visual effects, gaming and visualisation industries.

Kicking things off, the 2015 event has started in serious style with a striking, effects-filled trailer, highlighting the ever-advancing technology industry.

The concept, titled Wrapped, is described on the FMX website as 'focusing on the idea that the only constant is change, using techniques such as time lapse, live action and stunning 3D computer graphics. We watch in awe as nature takes back the so-called civilized world, wrapping New York and its surroundings in beautiful if slightly threatening green fauna. The film conveys the message that even though decay is ultimately inevitable, it always holds the possibility of renewal and transformation'.

Surreal nature

Over the years, the FMX trailer has become an eagerly awaited part of the conference. Traditionally created by the students of the Institute of Animation, Effects and Digital Postproduction at Filmakademie Baden-Wurttemberg, this year is no exception, with graduates Roman Kälin, Falko Paeper and Florian Wittmann responsible for the 2015 offering.

Kalin comments on the FMX website: "Wrapped is inspired by the complexity and surreality of all the things that surround us and that we take for granted."

Like Wrapped? Take a look at some other FMX trailers from the past two decades, which provide an incredible insight to the advancements in CG and VFX over the past two decades. Which is your favourite?

You can see more FMX trailers on the website.

The CG Awards 2015

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Kerrie Hughes

Kerrie Hughes is editor of Creative Bloq. Kerrie was staff writer for 3D World magazine before joining the original Creative Bloq team in 2012. Since then she's written regularly for other publications, including ImagineFX, 3D World and Computer Arts magazines.