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Warp your images

Textures can give your 3D work an individual stamp. While you can apply textures in your 3D modelling program, Photoshop is a capable alternative. You can easily map images on to 3D surfaces or create original artwork using texture-free renderings. It's an ideal option for those with skills in Photoshop rather than specialist 3D software.

In the first part of this series, you were shown how to add surface textures and images to flat areas of your finished 3D renderings, enabling you to match angles and perspective perfectly. However, not all rendered 3D shapes consist of flat planes. In many instances, you'll be confronted with the task of wrapping an image around a curved or cylindrical object in Photoshop. Don't worry: the new CS2 Warp Transformation feature enables you to do just that.

This tutorial will also reveal how to alter multiple instances of layer groupings at the same time by exploring the new CS2 Smart Objects features. If you didn't complete the first tutorial, or didn't save a layered file of your own last time, a .psd file has been included in the support files.

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