3 Adobe XD features you need to know

Adobe XD features

These expert tips will speed up you design work

Adobe Experience Design is the first all-on-one tool for UX designers. Packed with features that allow designers to test the user experience of their prototypes, Adobe UX is built to streamline and speed up your design process. In this quick run-down, we'll look through the three key features designers should be aware of.

01. Welcome screen

Adobe XD

Welcome screen options are ideal for responsive design projects

With the Adobe XD welcome screen, you
 can create projects based on presets for phones, tablets or the web, or
 you can use custom dimensions. There are
 UI kits for Apple iOS, Google Material Design and Microsoft Windows. You can also access a gorgeous step-by-step tutorial file that walks you through the main features of Adobe XD from the welcome screen.

02. Repeat grid

Adobe XD

Duplicate elements in a couple of clicks with the repeat grid

Adobe XD's new Repeat Grid feature enables you to repeat elements quickly and explore different designs. Just select the item (or items) you want to repeat, click on the Repeat Grid button ( cmd+R ), then use the green handles to repeat your items vertically or horizontally.

You can adjust the grid's margin by hovering, clicking and dragging on the edges of your elements. Best yet, you can have your properties repeated but keep content (such as text and images) unique. To finish, you can drag multiple images from Finder to your grid to populate placeholder objects.

03. Pen tool

Adobe XD

Create perfect shapes in no time with the pen tool

Adobe XD introduces a brand new Pen tool that enables you to quickly draw paths. You can even add, move, and remove ancho points, edit properties, and adjust Bézier curves while you’re still authoring the path, allowing you to draw the perfect shape in no time flat. And of course, you can edit vector objects that you import into Adobe XD.

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Demian Borba is a product manager at Adobe. His areas of expertise include design thinking, mobile development and mobile engagement.