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CMYK in production

When you send a document to an output bureau or the printers, it goes through a number of processes during the transformation from its digital form into printed matter.

Regardless of the press or printer used for final output, chances are the procedure involves some form of CMYK process. From standard four-colour offset lithography using printing plates and inks, to the latest digital presses, the basic principles remain the same.

Each printing process has advantages and inherent setbacks. Some need careful attention during design and origination, while other more technical aspects are dealt with automatically by the output equipment. Either way, understanding the principles of CMYK/process printing will improve your confidence in the final output and ensure you don't make any unwanted (and costly) mistakes.

In this project we'll create a poster using a graffiti style image file and an image of a woman, combined in InDesign with a variety of overprinting and colour effects.

Click here to download the support files (9.32MB)

Click here to download the tutorial for free