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CS6: The Creative Pro's Guide

Premiere Pro CS6: The Creative Pro's Guide

A huge update for the professional NLE – including a massive interface rejig

Premiere Pro CS6 looks very different to previous incarnations of the application. By default the application launches in a new 'two-up' workspace – being a very uncluttered view that has Source Monitor and Program Monitor side by side at the top of the screen; the Project panel, Media Browser, Info panel, and Effects panel at the lower left; and the Timeline panel as well as the Audio Meters panel are in the lower right. The idea is to put your video at the forefront and get all other distractions out of the way. In conjunction with this, the Source Monitor and Program Monitor's button bar can be completely customised – you can even hide all of the buttons if you work purely with keyboard shortcuts. All of this equals more desktop real estate for your footage.

There's also a redesigned Audio Mixer, the ability to view resizable 16:9 thumbnails of your clips directly in the Project panel, resizable thumbnail views in the Media Browser and new time ruler bar in the Source Monitor, Program Monitor, and Timeline panels. There's also some powerful new trimming features, the ability to trim directly in the Program monitor, numerous other speed improvements (thanks to the Mercury Playback Engine), a better three-way colour corrector, expands multicam editing, rolling shutter repair and a Warp Stabliser effect. And much more.

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