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Preflighting a PDF/X print document in InDesign and Acrobat

There's nothing worse for a print professional than to dispatch a job, only to receive a call asking you to resupply image or font formats, or questioning colour reproduction.

The most common errors in printing occur when fonts haven't been embedded properly, the wrong colour spaces have been used, images are missing, or overprinting and trappings have been miscalculated. Adobe's PDF/X format was introduced to eliminate the chance of any of this happening. Using CS3's inbuilt preflighting tools - both at the design stage within InDesign, and the production stage within Acrobat - you can ensure your files are sent to the printers error-free, saving you time, effort and money.

Over the following pages we'll show you how to correctly preflight and package your print job in the PDF/X format, and ensure that all your print files are validated against industry standards for high-end professional printing.

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