6 things you’ll learn at Photoshop Live

Photoshop Live (18-19 July, the Brighton Dome), is our brand new conference dedicated to Photoshop. Here at Creative Bloq we’re getting really excited about spending the weekend with an amazing line-up of designers, artists and illustrators. And that’s not to mention the exclusive tips and insights they’re going to share with us.

Here we give you a sneak peek of just a few of the things you’ll learn at July’s event...

01. Master the art of typography

Kyle Wilkinson will explore different techniques to broaden your typography skills

Delve into the wonderful world of illustrated type with Kyle Wilkinson. Kyle works across a variety of platforms and has many talents but has a particular love for all things type and the important part it plays in everyday life.

In Kyle’s session you will explore different techniques enabling you to master and broaden your skill in the art of typography.

02. Mix analogue and digital for creative collages

Learn to create playful, colourful and dynamically composed illustrations with Ciara Phelan

The incredibly talented artist Ciara Phelan will take you on a journey that explores mixing analogue and digital media to create playful, colourful and dynamically composed illustrations.

See how Ciara uses traditional art materials to create random and organic texture that is then composed digitally with modern and vintage photographs to create eclectic collages.

03. 3D design with Photoshop

Learn to design in 3D using Photoshop with Nik Ainley

Discover the fantastic potential of Photoshop's 3D features with digital illustrator Nik Ainley. Nik will show you how using multiple 3D renders allows you a huge amount of flexibility and control.

After his session you will be able to produce a range of useful renders in 3D software, combine renders in Photoshop to give maximum control over the result and use Photoshop trickery to add photographic effects to those renders

04. Combine different design software

Learn to work with multiple software with Jennifer Cirpici

The multi-talented Jennifer Cirpici will share her top tips for combining multiple programmes to create realistic images and make your own typographic image from scratch.

Cirpici will also be underlining the importance of staying true to yourself and your own way of creative thinking.

05. Animation with Photoshop

James Wignall will demonstrate how Photoshop fits into the animation workflow

London based designer and animator James Wignall will demonstrate how Photoshop fits into the animation workflow and how you can use Photoshop for hand drawn animation. James will also take you through his creative process and discuss examples from his recent projects.

06. How to be a renegade

Artist James White will talk doing things outside of the ordinary

Leading artist James White will explain how, in the upside-down world of graphic design you need to be a rogue, a misfit and a renegade. James will help you build an understanding of how doing things outside of the ordinary, chasing your creative path, building your own body of personal work and the value of supporting friends can help lead to paths you never imagined.

We hope you can join us for this fantastic event dedicated to creativity. View the full schedule and book your ticket today!

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