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Scratch the clichés

The Telegraph magazine's recent back cover ad for Kia had something a little different about it. The advert shows an image of a Kia car, partially covered in a layer of scratch off latex made to look like mud. Readers were invited to 'Scratch the clichs'.

Before scratching the message reads 'Life affirming headline in distressed type saying live 24/7 or something equally banal.'

And when scratched off reads: 'When a car looks this good you don't need anything else, although you do get a 7 year warranty'.

It's an interesting message compared to BMW's inside front DPS which reads 'LEAN VS MEAN' and 'The Athlete on the Road'.

Anyhow, back to the point. The silver latex – used on scratch cards and the like – was overprinted using a technique developed at Celloglas' Leicester site. The front and back covers of the magazine were first gloss varnished using the Cellocover process. Silver latex was then applied using a silk screen process. It was then over-printed on a UV litho press using four colour plus white at North London based printer ColourFive.

Steve Middleton, Sales Director at Celloglas, reveals “Our Print and Reveal finish takes on the page advertising to another level and allows readers to interact with the brand in a fun way. We call it Print and Reveal because our silver latex process can be over-printed, allowing advertisers and designers to be really innovative with their ideas”.

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