5 golden rules for social media strategy

Use social media platforms right and you can boost your profile within the industry and get your work in front of entirely new audiences. These quick-fire tips will show you how to network effectively in the digital realm.

01. Create a strong profile

Make it easy for your audience to find your social channels

Make it easy for your audience to find your social channels

Make sure your profile is complete by providing as much professional information as possible. Make sure you include your name, expertise, website, online shop or Patreon page, and links to all social media and creative communities, such as DeviantArt.

02. Share engaging content

instagram page

Share good quality images, including quality works in progress

Always post crisp, high-quality images of your work – a low-resolution, grainy image can make even the best creations look rubbish. Engaged followers are best, so share relevant, valuable content that will hook your audience in. Establish trust by keeping an eye on your messages and replying quickly to enquiries. Remember, the more comments a post has, the more it’ll be shared.

03. Post frequently

Loish twitter account

Keep active on your social media accounts

How often you'll want to post depends on your audience and what you have to say. The ideal frequency of posts also varies between different platforms, so experiment – engagement rates on Facebook are 18 per cent higher on Thursdays and Fridays, for instance. Never post for the sake of it, though. Keep it meaningful, or your audience will lose interest.

04. Cross-promote

Ross Tran's facebook page

Ross Tran uses his Facebook page to funnel people towards his popular youTube channel

Different platforms have different strengths, so use them in tandem for the biggest impact. Want to increase your YouTube subscribers? Do what Ross Tran did and create a teaser video to upload natively to Facebook. Looking for more Patreons? Share a tutorial on Instagram and link to Patreon. It's a little more work, but it's worth it.

05. Ditch the hard sell

Loish online shop

... but do make it easy for those who want to buy to do so

The best way to increase sales is not to actively sell. Don’t turn people off. Grow your audience organically and, as long as there’s a clear link somewhere to your work, sales will follow. Help your followers spread awareness for you by giving them what they want: visual eye candy and engaging conversation. Do make sure those people who want to buy your work can see clearly how to do so though.

This article originally appeared in a 2017 issue of ImagineFX. Subscribe here.

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Julia Sagar
Editor-in-chief retail

Julia is editor-in-chief, retail at Future Ltd, where she works in e-commerce across a number of consumer lifestyle brands. A former editor of design website Creative Bloq, she’s also worked on a variety of print titles, and was part of the team that launched consumer tech website TechRadar. She's been writing about art, design and technology for over 15 years.