How to avoid creative burnout

Creativity is a finite resource and something that needs to be managed properly and replenished at regular intervals before it’s used up. If creativity is our currency, we need to make sure we spend it correctly. But, with projects coming thick and fast for creative professionals, how can we do this?

We all know a colleague who ignored the ‘red light’ signal until they drained themselves and crashed. If this happens, either your work quality will drop off or you'll start drawing blanks in client meetings. It takes a long time to recharge and recover from that.

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Rob Pratt
Rob Pratt is Design Director at Shoreditch-based Creative Marketing agency Brand & Deliver. Rob started as a Print Designer before moving into Design and Creative Direction. Recent projects include brand identity creation for AMD Radeon and Playboy's Bunny Bootcamp to iOS apps for the BBC, as well as various digital design and advertising campaigns.