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How to prepare for the future of the web

The web is such a fast-moving ecosystem that it's sometimes a struggle to keep up with the latest techniques, and you can't be certain that the skills you rely on today will still be applicable a few years down the line. If you want to stay relevant on the web then not only do you have to stay up to date, you also need to keep an eye on the future so that you're not caught on the hop by the next big development.

How do you figure out what's coming next, though? This talk from Generate San Francisco ought to help you. In it, Peter Smart, global director of user experience at Fantasy, offers some insights into some of the most astonishing developments at the frontiers of our industry, from invisible interfaces to touchable experiences and adaptive ecosystems, and explores how these breakthroughs at the edge of technology, science and design will transform the way the web affects our daily lives.

If you want to be prepared for much of what the web has in store for us over the next 25 years then this talk, drawing on leading research and experiments across the industry, is essential viewing. And if it leaves you encouraged to think about where your web strategy should be focused with the future in mind, you'll find further inspiring talks at upcoming Generate conferences.

Learn how to design for our next billion users at Generate London

Learn how to design for our next billion users at Generate London

At Generate London, 21-23 September, join Chrome UX designer Rachel Ilan Simpson for her talk, Designing for our next billion users. She'll consider the challenges of creating elegant and seamless web experiences for users from emerging markets, on low speed connections with high data costs, and of ensuring that these products be just as usable for people navigating in their second or third language.

She'll talk about research conducted for Google Chrome, share some of the team's early insights, and show features designed to solve these problems; if you want to ensure that you're maximising your reach over the coming years then you won't want to miss this talk; book your Generate London ticket now!

Discover why you should care about the IoT at Generate Bangalore

Discover why you should care about the IoT at Generate Bangalore

And on 2 December at Generate Bangalore, mobile industry veteran Stephanie Rieger will be looking at another pressing issue for the future, the Internet of Things. In The Internet of Things is for people she'll look beyond its current preoccupations – fitness trackers, robots and smart light bulbs – and try to shift the conversation back to people and how the IoT is going to affect us.

If you've found yourself not really caring about the IoT then this talk will be a real eye-opener as Stephanie attempts to arm you with tools to better understand, and find your place, within this complex but fascinating landscape. Get your ticket today!

There's much more on offer at Generate, too, with a top-quality line-up of speakers delivering essential knowledge and tips for driving your web strategy forward. If you want to thrive in the online world then you can't afford not to be at your nearest conference; head for the main Generate site to find out what's coming up.

Jim McCauley is a writer, editor and occasional podcaster, and is available for space parties.