How to write the perfect brief

A great brief is the first step in really nailing what your client needs, and creating work you'd be proud to put in your design portfolio. In this article we'll run through the things you need to include – handy if you're bringing in other creatives to work on certain parts of your project, or if your client is providing you with vague information. 

Before we get started with the ins and outs of crafting the perfect brief, the first thing to remember is that you shouldn’t make it too long. Don’t be obsessed with making it too short, either. Only include the information you need to include. Each client and project is unique and will likely require a different amount of information than the previous brief. Ignore the people who bang on about always wanting a one-page brief; it’s horses for courses.

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Daniel is strategy director at Salad. He has held strategic roles for over 15 years.