Tips for drawing anime-style vehicles

Applying manga styling to a vehicle such as a car or a motorbike can easily be achieved with good reference  and creative problem-solving. I first collect references of the vehicle I want to depict from stock websites like, and manga versions of that vehicle and any other manga references that will inspire the design. At this stage I also think about what types of themes I want to use when it comes to how to draw manga vehicle designs.

Then I start sketching out different black and white ideas for the manga vehicle, thinking about value, silhouette and unique iconic shapes. Once I have the first round of ideas sketched, I pick one and sketch it out more, working in black and white and with silhouette and value. I then do different colour explorations for the chosen design, thinking about the types of colours and colour schemes that would fit for the type of design I’m going for and the type of character that will ride this vehicle.

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Michelle Hoefener has worked in the gaming and entertainment industries for six years now. And she's been painting and publishing her work online for well over 15 years.