Design a branded loading animation in After Effects

Good visual design is becoming easier and easier to come by. It's getting harder to tell who's got real design chops, and who just has access to really nice website templates or UI kits. This means that in order to create an impactful user experience, you need to go above and beyond what people are expecting.

Some of the most memorable touches are the small ones. Think of MailChimp's famous 'monkey hand high five' that shows up when you hit Send on your campaign. Instead of a general success message, as you might expect, they dug a little deeper, and worked their brand into the experience. We won't be animating any monkey paws here, but we will make a colourful loading animation that's easy to customise with your own brand colours and logo. You can see InVision's example below:

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Andy Orsow is a communications designer at InVision.