Agencies offer free desks to new talent

Several big-name design agencies, including Poke, Base and HORT have signed up to a campaign asking creative agencies to offer a free desk in their studio to new talent. (That's completely free and not in exchange for work, by the way.)

The 'Free Desk Here' campaign, which is also supported by the graphic artist Anthony Burrill, is being run by Open Studio Club, an online service designed to help creative people find and rent studio space around the world.

Several agencies have signed up to the scheme

Fortnight of freebies

Every day for the next two weeks Open Studio Club will release a new free desk from the group of agencies, beginning today with Moving Brands in London.

The campaign is asking more agencies to take part if they have a free desk available. The first 50 to list a free desk on Open Studio Club will receive a signed, limited-edition Anthony Burrill screenprint.

The first 50 to sign up will get a limited-edition Anthony Burrill screenprint

The full list of agencies currently taking part are:

  • 8inc. (London)
  • Kin (London)
  • Moving Brands (London)
  • HORT (Berlin)
  • OPX (London)
  • Studio Magpie (London)
  • Poke London
  • Well Made Studio (Liverpool)
  • Lundgren+Lindqvist (Gothenburg)
  • Base (Brussels)
  • The Partners (London)
  • Mill Co. (London)

Space is often under-utilised in creative agencies

"Free Desk Here isn't about charity. It's about collaboration," says Nick Couch, founder of Open Studio Club. "It's taking an existing, high value commodity that is seriously under-utilised in lots of agencies - space. We are also expecting further agencies in the next week, including a top brand consultancy in New York and more from London. I hope it inspires other agencies to get involved."

If you're looking for a free desk, head to Open Studio Club to put in your request.

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