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30 animated GIFs for 30th birthday video

As we all get a little older, it's natural to feel a little scared about hitting those bigger numbers. Designer Fabricio Lima felt just that as he approached his 30th birthday last year but instead of freaking out, he decided to channel his nervous disposition into a creative project.

He says, "Last year, on 5th of January of 2012, I reached my 30th birthday on a hot summer day in Australia. I was a feeling a bit weird and lost. So I decided to list 30 things I knew about myself so far... I had been staring at that list during the whole year and realizing that most of them wouldn't change with time".

For each aspect of his personality, Fabricio created an animated GIF. The result is a charming, illustrative animation that had us thinking about all the things we know about ourselves.

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What aspects of yourself would you include in your own birthday video? Let us know in the comments box below!