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You have 24hrs to become the star of an animated film!

Over the past few years, Kickstarter has proved a lifeline for many artists, designers and creatives from across the world. Allowing the general public to fund projects has enabled the industry to become community-driven; allowing brilliant projects from across all disciplines to come to life.

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This latest Kickstarter campaign comes from Oscar-winning director Daniel Greaves, who's previous films include Flatworld and Manipulation. His new film, 'Mr.Plastimime' tells the story of Graeme, a lonely and unappreciated mime artist whose stage routine blurs into reality. With an unexpected act of heroism, he finds the audience and love he has been longing for.


With Daniel personally investing in the film's development, animation tests and initial animation to date, the team have puppets built, backgrounds designed and modelled, and a couple of minutes of animation already shot. They now need your help to complete the production.

The film will be produced using a combination of techniques, including 2D animation, Maya and After Effects. Pledges start at just £1 with the maximum of £5000 resulting in a claymation puppet of you appearing in the film! Now we know that's no small change, but we at Creative Bloq think this is a project worth backing.

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