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Is this interactive site the future of comics?

redemption: the challange issue 1.1 the seraphim stone

Enter the world of Elizabeth Grey in issue 1.1 of Redemption: The Challenge, "The Seraphim Stone"

With more and more ways to enjoy your favourite comics digitally, it was only a matter of time before a more cinematic viewing experience arrived.

Developed by London-based feature film company, Eden Films, and its animation/game division, Codec Studios, Redemption: The Challenge is pitched as a next generation motion comic.

Without the confinements of the traditional comic format (panels, speech bubbles, etc) Eden has created a 2D animation with high quality parallaxing graphics, narration and a full orchestra score.

elizabeth grey redemption the challenge comic

Elizabeth has been living in hiding for 600 years after she escaped the wrath of hell

The comic tells the story of fallen angel, Elizabeth Grey, who, after escaping hell is attemping to find her way back to heaven. Written by David Burns, the artwork is provided by Ralph Mohr (ex head of Concept Design for Disney Games) and sound design by Nathan McCree (composer of the Tomb Raider score).

Redemption: The Challenge incorporates DAz technology to make it a cross over genre of entertainment and the world's first interactive motion comic.

satan in redemption the challenge comic

Satan, and the throne that Moloch (in his hubris) believes should be his

The viewer will be able to interact with the comic, becoming a player in the world of Redemption, touch the screen and reveal assets such as background info videos and find hidden angel feathers – uniting the parallel worlds of gaming and comic reading.

elizabeth in redemption issue 1.1 comics

Elizabeth is finally revealed in her true angelic form

Redemption is now available for PC and Mac (with iPad edition to follow) for £2.49.

For full details and exclusive behind the scenes videos, including designing the comic and the making of click here.

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