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McDonald's goes abstract with crowd-sourced animations

McDonald's recently released these three new spots as part of its MyBurger campaign, which encourages customers to create their own custom made burger and compete for a place on the menu of the fast-food chain.

To advertise the creations of the latest successful candidates, Helsinki animation and illustration studio Piñata showcased its design skills, producing three beautiful animations. Using a combination of techniques, the team wanted to see how far they could push mixing different styles.

"The film combines 2D animated effects, 3D elements, some compositing magic and particle simulation," says Piñata animator Mikko Vormala. "The challenge was to blend all techniques seamlessly together." And, in our opinion, they've managed just that.

This fresh, somewhat abstract approach is an unusual choice for McDonald's. But it's one that we'd definitely like to see much more of in the future.

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