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Skin You Alive: charming '60s retro animation

Words: Andy Martin

It's very rare that a music video makes you laugh, even rarer if it does it a number of times. But this video for the Midnight Woolf song "Skin You Alive' does just that.

It's a brilliantly cheeky video with a retro 60s illustrative look, that seems to be the animator Lluis Fuzzhound's signature style. He really follows through with it and in this video the textured backgrounds combined with the flat colour characters are a spot on pastiche.

The 2D Flash animation has a real charm to it and it speeds along nicely with the track. There are some great scenes that are tied to the lyrics of the song as well as tons of little comedy moments. We particularly love the bit where the guy gets into the car and then gives someone the finger, it really gets across the character's attitude to life.

Andy Martin is a freelance animation director with over 10 years experience in the field. He also dabbles in illustration and music creation. See his work at his site and follow him at @handymartian.